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Welcome to the PSN Homepage.

We are a group of women who found each other on the Internet.  We first met in March of 1998 when our "Founding Mother", Gail, sent an email out to all the psychotherapists in private practice that she could find in AOL's Member Directory.  In its early stages, PSN was larger, numbering around 40 members.  Soon, many decided the volume of email was overwhelming and dropped out.  Then others followed suit, for various other reasons.  Soon, we were down to 13 members.....11 women and 2 men.  Being the psychotherapists that we are, the level of sharing soon became very intimate and one of the women and both men were asked to leave the group because the rest of us felt they were not participating in this experience in a way that increased the comfort level of the rest of us who were REALLY opening up.  Since that day, the 10 of us have remained and now refer to each other affectionately as "sistah".  After knowing each other online for 2 years, we finally had our first "union" in Atlantic City  and are planning our first REunion in July 2001....we are hoping to take a cruise together!!  Anyone who thinks you cannot make deep, loving relationships online need only talk to any one of us and we will assure you this is not so.  The bonding friendship that has embraced this group is indeed warm, refreshing, trusting, and empowering.

Here we are at our Atlantic City on any individual person's face to learn more about her.

Some words of wisdom from the sistahs......

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